Costa Rican Ecotourism Packages

If you would like to enjoy daily yoga classes, spa or massage treatment, detox or body  cleanse or adventure tours while at Tierra de Suenos.  We can organize this now!


For Package information go to;  for Health Recovery Retreats

www.symbiosisyogaretreats  for Yoga Retreats


Or visit us at if you want to host a Yoga Retreat at Tierra de Suenos Lodge.



If you want a whole package of a stay at Tierra de Sueños plus activities and transportation, call our reception desk and they can organize this for you!

Your whole stay to Costa Rica organized – including your stay at Tierra de Sueños

Here you’ll find some great itineraries which include your stay in Puerto Viejo along with transportation and a great selection of activities such as whitewater rafting, zipline canopy tours or snorkeling.

Some packages also include other great Costa Rica destinations added on to your trip so you can combine a stay at Tierra de Sueños with a few days at Arenal Volcano or Tortuguero National Park.

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Destination packages: Arenal, Bocas del Toro, Tortuguero and more

We won’t think worse of you if once you get to Tierra de Sueños you never want to leave again! But if you want to see some of the other top sights that Costa Rica has to offer then we offer a selection of packages you can add on to your trip here.

You can visit the wild jungle of Tortuguero National Park for a one or two night stay and travel on the canals by boat. You can see the spectacular sight of the active Arenal Volcano spewing lava or play in the world famous Arenal area hot springs resorts. You could add a few days in Panama; just over the border are the Bocas del Toro islands.

And there are many more options!
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