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Brendan and I have been taking advantage of the slow season and going to yoga classes at the Gaia Center next door. A few days ago we walked the 3 meters to our class and Ish, the awesome instructor, stopped us at the front gate saying there was a private “session” going on.

He asked if we could move the yoga class to our studio (Tierra de Sueños was originally a yoga school and the property has two beautiful studios). We were delighted at this because we had yet to use our yoga facility and were happy to have people enjoy it.

The class of about 6 began breathing practice when screams came from the Gaia Center. A dramatic gust of wind, thunder shortly following, came blowing through the studio and the screams grew louder and more urgent. The quick down poor cleared and as the screaming subsided, the faint sound of a baby’s cry made its way to us. We learned later that morning that during our uncomfortable back bends and downward facing dog, a baby was born.

The day turned into clear blue skies and sunshine, a perfect first day in this world. Throughout the day we listened to the sounds of a one day old through the trees: just another day at Tierra de Sueños!