This year’s Transat regatta, one of the most popular in Europe and third largest in the world, is ending in nearby Puerto Limon, Costa Rica this year.  Four different classes of sail boats left Le Havre, France on the 8th of November and expect to arrive on the caribbean coast of Costa Rica 11-13 days later.  This year they will have to battle “El Niño” as they make the transatlantic journey.  Fifty ships begin the journey, but already some have had to turn back due to difficult weather.

Costa Rica’s government poured money into Limon to make improvements for the regatta and as a result $25,000.00 worth of business is expected to flood the area when the racers and followers arrive.  We wish the racers well!

For more information check out the official regatta site where you can listen to the skippers as they battle the elements-