Rare photo op at Tierra de Sueños

December 18th, 2008

Costa Rican Tree Frog

We spotted a rare Costa Rican tree frog in the door way to our bedroom the other day. While sleeping it tightens it’s body into a thin sliver so that you can barely see the lines of it’s limbs, eyes, or feet.

Costa Rican Tree Frog - Hands up!

With a little poke it awakens and red eyes expose themselves as well as an orange toe or two.

Costa Rican Tree Frog - Peering

Another poke and it jumps showing off its incredible speed, flexibility and colors.

One more scare with the lens of my camera and the little fellow makes the daring decision to jump from the second floor onto a huge hanging leaf but he misses the leaf and splats onto the ground.

Costa Rican Tree Frog - Back in the wild

He survives the landing and hops back into the jungle.

I think he’s done this before.

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