Costa Rican Ecotourism Bed and Breakfast

Caribbean Bungalow Lessons & Rentals

Kayak Rental - Costa Rica

Interested in renting a beach cruiser to ride along the spectacular coastal road? Maybe a massage and a yoga class is more your speed.

Whether you choose ecotourism in Costa Rica for ultimate action or extreme relaxation, we’re here to help make it happen! Check out our Lessons & Rental section for a taste of what we offer and suggest.

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Ecotourism Bed and Breakfast Little Extras

Caribbean Bed and Breakfast Towel Service - Costa Rica

Not every Costa Rican Bungalow boasts cotton linens, soft pillows and fluffy cotton towels atop plush beds.

It’s the Little Extras that really make a difference our Caribbean Bed and Breakfast.

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Costa Rican Ecotourism Bed and Breakfast Links

Ecotourism - Costa Rican Flower

We’ve met more than a few good people down here in Costa Rica running our Ecotourism Bed and Breakfast.

You can learn about some of our neighbors on our Costa Rican link page.

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