Top Ten Puerto Viejo Tours:

1.  Rafting the Pacuare-  Let Exporadores Outdoors take you for a thrill ride down the gorgeous Pacuare river. The fun rapids, deep tropical canyons and mystical waterfalls make this Costa Rica adventure a truly amazing experience. (This tour will also provide transportation between Puerto Viejo, San Jose and Arenal. Great bonus, great deal!)

2.  Guided tour of Manzanillo Gandoca wildlife refuge-  Hike through the impressive Manzanillo Gandoca wildlife refuge with one of the areas experienced local guides. In this vast track of protected forest you will discover many various jungle plants and animals and learn about the history of the unique old village of Manzanillo.

3. Chocorart-  Learn how the divine coco seed is grown, harvested and processed into chocolate. 100% natural, the chocolate you will sample during this tour is out of this world.  The old renovated cacao plantation is a 15 minute walk from Tierra de Sueños in Playa Chiquita and a favorite of many of our guests. For those who love chocolate this is a must do!

4.  Jaguar Animal Rescue Center-  At this rehabilitation center for animals located in Playa Cocles baby monkeys climb on you, sloths hug you and wild cats purr at you while snakes and spiders stay in their terrariums.  For animal lovers, this opportunity to interact with our rescued jungle friends of Talamanca is a very special experience.

5.  Canopy tour-  One of Costa Rica’s most popular tours, the zip-line of Puerto Viejo will have you screaming in excitement between 15 platforms high above the canopy.  It should be noted that this is pure adrenaline and not a wildlife tour.

6.  Cahuita National Park-  Walk the 7 kilometer stretch of the Cahuita National Park and explore the incredible variety of terrain the caribbean coast of Costa Rica has to offer. Around each bend is a different sight to behold.  Donations are accepted at the Cahuita entrance.

7.  Full day Bri-Bri waterfall tour- The great Terra Venturas tour company has created a day long trip to take a dip in the impressive 100ft waterfall, see the indigenous villages around Bri Bri (a town up in the mountains surrounding Puerto Viejo) and go to an iguana conservation center or see an indiginous woman chocolate by hand.  This tour is a perfect way to experience a bit of the indiginous Bri Bri culture and see more of the beautiful natural surroundings of Talamanca.

8.  Bird watching with Ricky- One of our personal favorites here at Tierra de Suenos, for the early risers this experience is wonderful. Ricky is a local man who has been watching and tracking birds for many years. He is a wealth of knowledge about the   incredible variety of tropical birds and has the eyes to find them. Bring your binoculars and you will be amazed at what you see!

9.  Kayaking-  Explore Costa Rican’s Caribbean coast by kayak. Either at Puna Uva or Manzanillo you can take to the sea by yourself or with a guide and see the coastline from afar.

10.  Snorkeling-  There are many beaches that offer impressive snorkeling from Cahuita all the way to Manzanillo. Rent gear and go out on your own or hire a guide to take you to the best spots. Rememer, depending on the time of year snorkeling is not always an option. September and October are the calmest, clearest months, November through February are the roughest.