On Monday we published the Pedro blog. Now it is Wednesday and two comments that were made are even more relevant:

“If Pedro tells you you’re getting a shipment of wood in September only he knows when you’ll actually get it.”

Yesterday Pedro brought the wood that we’ve been waiting for since June. Actually, he brought half of it, but it seems the other half should arrive soon.

“If you decide not to listen to Pedro as much because you can’t be sure what he really knows you will find that Pedro is usually right and you should just listen to him.”

Pedro told us in April that the new sign post we put on the road hangs out too far, that someone with a truck will surely smash into it while trying to avoid one of the monster pot holes. We didn’t listen to him, but we should have. Yesterday someone, surely with a big truck, smashed into our sign post breaking it and the sign in two. Luckily Pedro was here and the damage was repairable. The sign post is back up, this time not so far into the road. It has a crack in it and a rope anchoring it so it’s more Tico-style than it was, but it’s up. Today we will hopefully get the sign back together as well.

Also, please note a comment on Monday’s blog by a faithful blog viewer: “If Pedro and Chuck Norris meet on a hot summer day,THAT will definitely be the battle of the century :P”

Right you are, Enieda. Right you are.