No visitor can leave Tierra de Suenos without experiencing the Manzanillo Wildlife refuge. This is one of our favorite places on the Caribbean coast. With its sweeping views, secluded beaches, and lush jungle paths you feel like a real pioneer stumbling upon something incredible. The three mile bike ride getting to Manzanillo is an adventure in itself, toucans and butterflies lead the way. The town outside the refuge is about as slow moving as a place can be with friendly locals and not many tourists. Maxi’s, the restaurant/center of Manzanillo happenings, is not only a fun local hangout but happens to have the very best Caribbean food on the planet (I suggest the grilled whole red snapper!) Thousands of acres of protected rain forest and glorious Caribbean sand at just a quick ride away. Come see for yourself……

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

Manzanillo - 12km from Puerto Viejo

View from Miss May Point in Manzanillo

Hiking trail- Gandoca Manzanillo

Brendan hiking in Manzanillo

Puerto Viejo day trip

20 minute bike ride from Tierra de Sueños