Rainforest or Exotic fruit farm?

Tierra de Suenos could just as well be an exotic fruit farm. It seems everyday we discover a new tropical fruit tree just waiting to explode with some colorful, tasty, or not so tasty, edible. We enjoyed the ackee when we first arrived. This Jamaican fruit was a delight to us not only because of its delicious flavor but because it attracts Toucans. We are lucky to have the ackee hanging over our patio; a perfect spot for the collection of fruit and bird watching! We discovered a new citrus tree the other day. We already have three others bursting with the most delicious limes you’ve ever tasted.

Massive Guanabanas!

It’s hard to know what to do with 3 massive guanabanas at the same time. This very large fruit is great as a beverage but time consuming and messy to deal with.

We’re looking forward to the water apples, that tree has yet to fruit for us, and the two avocado trees which have yet to produce. A grapefruit tree has recently been pointed out to us, it was being strangled by the jungle, hidden in vines. Pineapples were a delight a couple months ago and we’re still waiting on another papaya. Jack fruits hang heavily from the trunk of a tree that actually goes right through the roof of a bungalow and star fruits are falling by the dozen. Our neighbor is quite jealous of the Mangostien tree he saw behind our storage house. Apparently this is the most delicious fruit in the world and with a little love, ours should be sprouting in no time.

Yummyyyyy Fruit

We decided to give planting a few a shot and recently transplanted air-layered mamon chino, a soft spiky skinned grape thing, bayrum, and peanut butter fruit, a shrub that produces creamy little balls that actually taste like peanut butter. They all seem to be doing well so far.

Savory Fruitstuff

We’re trying to save our cacao tree from a blight and it’s looking better. We just roasted our first chocolate beans! The insane amount of bananas are overwhelming but they are best bananas we’ve ever eaten. The list goes on and on and I haven’t gotten to the herbs, vegetables and melons!