Playa Chiquita Costa Rica Puerto Viejo

We can hear this guy moving around at night just beside our house

There was some excitement at Tierra de Suenos this morning. I was coming down the stairs of our house and noticed that Cody, one of our big smelly dogs, was standing at attention pointing to something. Following his gaze there was an injured Kinkajou night monkey/bear/cat ) lying injured in the jungle not 15 feet from our house. It was moving around but clearly in very bad shape with what seemed to be a broken arm.

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Joel holds injured kinkajou at Jaguar Rescue Center, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Fortunately Jaguar Rescue Center is right down the road and is equipped to handle these situations so deciding what to do was fairly easy. I figured that if he were hurt enough to let me wrap him in a towel we would take him ourselves, otherwise we would call in the experts. Angie grabbed a towel and I stalked him through the bush. He was so hurt that all he wanted to do was lie down and after a few attempts to get away I was able to throw a towel on him, wrap him and pick him up. He hardly put up a fight so I tucked him into my arm like a baby and we quickly drove him to Jaguar Rescue Center.

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we hope he makes a full recovery!!

Once there he was taken by Joel who said that we were lucky that he didn’t have much fight to him because they can be vicious and give nasty bites. The owner, Encar, who is a vet, gave him a tranquilizer and inspected him. He had torcelo (worms born after a fly bite) in his neck which they squeezed out. She said that the number of ticks on him was indication that he had been injured and on the ground for at least a couple nights which explains why he was so weak. There were some cuts on his tail and his arm seemed broken though she wasn’t able to find the fracture by touch.

They are going to do what they can and if he makes a recovery we will release him back in his home trees in the lovely and wild jungle of Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica.