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La Niña

Everybody knows about El Niño and the crazy weather patterns it brings up from the south; rain, thunderstorms. powerful ocean currents and generally crappy weather. Last year we got a good taste of El Niño’s power and it was impressive indeed. This year, however, we have been introduced to La Niña! And what a joy it has been. Although not so pleasant for all places, La Niña arrived this year and brought us, here on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, weather conditions everybody dreams about. Crystal clear waters, blue skies, light cooling rainfall, calm perfect seas, and sun! Sometimes too much sun, but who’s complaining? During the last few months of what is usually a more wet time of year, we have experienced numerous months of glorious weather. While most other parts of Costa Rica have been under water, we have been soaking up the rays! We keep expecting it to turn and become the rainy wonderland we love, but each day continues to be more beautiful than the next. We can’t promise these perfect days will hold out throughout the rest of the summer but it doesn’t show signs of stopping yet…..

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