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Pedro busy at work - as usual!

While these pictures of Pedro may be worth a thousand words, that would only help to break the surface on what he means to Tierra de Sueños. He’s primarily our gardner, also our general fix-it man, the first person we call when we’re in a jam, a fountain of ideas on how to improve our place, occasionally our mechanic or butcher and the source of a few headaches. We met him when we came to look at Tierra de Sueños for the first time. He showed us around pointing out all the different fruit trees, admiring the handywork and quality wood of the bungalows and showing us the property lines. Without his enthusiasm we may not have embarked on this project and there’s no telling where we’d be now without his help along the way.

It’s hard to sum Pedro up, so here are some thoughts, accomplishments.

At first glance we admired and respected his outfit- a mesh tank top, shorts, rubber boots and a baseball hat. It turns out that this is his uniform and it’s unique to him.

Brendan and Pedro - It is quite clear who the boss is.

Pedro knows a bit about everything and if he doesn’t know he will just give you an answer anyways.

If you decide not to listen to Pedro as much because you can’t be sure what he really knows you will find that Pedro is usually right and you should just listen to him.

It took Pedro 20 minutes to dig up our old sign post that was cemented into the ground after Larry, Jack (Angie’s dad and brother) and I had spent a good hour and a half at it with no luck.

If Pedro tells you he’s going to bring you half of his pig in a wheelberrow on a Tuesday, you’re getting half of a pig in a wheelberrow on Tuesday.

If Pedro tells you you’re getting a shipment of wood in September only he knows when you’ll actually get it.

Pedro loves most plants and animals. He is often stunned by the beauty of a flower and has to stop, stare and make baby noises at it. Women of all generations, shapes and colors have the same effect on him.

Pedro’s idea of a compliment is telling women they’re fat, which he tells Angie whenever she stays around long enough to hear it.

If Pedro challenges you on your tree climbing ability it’s not because he’s talking trash, it’s because he can climb better than you.

Boots on, pants off - This is Pura Vida

Pedro can always find a sloth in the trees.

Pedro’s favorite dish is pollo en salsa (chicken in sauce) with patacones (fried plaintain chips), which is convenient because in Costa Rica, that’s what’s for dinner.

If your car battery’s low Pedro will be happy to tow you behind him while you pop into gear. If this doesn’t work he’ll switch his battery with yours, start the car, take his battery out while your car is running and put yours back in. When you get back from wherever you were going you may have to tow him while he pops into gear because you drained his battery getting your car started and then drove off.

If you have a flat tire Pedro will drive into town and fix it long after work is over.

Pedro’s son, Dennis, has not yet earned the right to a mesh tank top, but he’s got the boots and he doesn’t have to wear pants.


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  1. Eneida says:

    If Pedro and Chuck Norris meet on a hot summer day,THAT will definitely be the battle of the century 😛

    It’s so good to hear from you always!

  2. papa sime says:

    vote for pedro

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