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Loose Ends

The last two weeks have been a buzz of excitement as we try to get as much as possible done before heading to Costa Rica next Thursday. We finished our business plan, revised it a few times, opened a joint bank account, purchased a domain name and some hosting space (, created business cards, got a skype number (802-659-0336) that acts as a regular US number but connects to our computer anywhere in the world, researched cars and hired a car buying service, started accepting reservations from the website and drove through NYC to Vermont for a last goodbye. Now we’re back in DC for a week, then it’s off to San Jose.

We’re being picked up at the airport by a car buying service who will take us around to trusted dealerships where we will drive diesel Hyundai Gallopers (fairly large SUV’s) and hopefully find a suitable one in our price range. They’re imported directly from Korea where, supposedly, they were driven on good roads through urban areas as opposed to long miles on bumpy Costa Rican roads. We decided SUV so we can haul passengers and supplies, diesel because it’s cheaper and there is the option of using biodiesel. The possibility of driving around on recycled vegetable oil while smelling like popcorn is very exciting.

With or without a car we have to travel 4 hours to Puerto Viejo next weekend to walk through the property one last time, make sure everything is still there. John, our partner, is meeting us in San Jose on Sunday so we can all be present at closing. Tuesday, John flies back stateside and we head to Tierra de Sueños, hopefully in a car with a new futon in the back so that we can furnish the top floor of the “Zen Garden” bungalow for a family of three due to check in the next day. The current manager will give us the keys and then we’re on our own. On Wednesday morning we have to cook breakfast for at least 6 guests, hopefully more.

We’re excited, scared and very curious to see how this all goes. We hope you stay tuned as we get things going and come visit soon!

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  1. Marcia says:

    – I wanted to thank you for your dtacideion and attention to detail. The pictures are wonderful, so much more than I ever thought they could be.We were freezing while you took the outside shots and yet, you never hinted at just how cold you must have been. How truly professional.Thank-you again,Joan Weaver(Steven’s Mother-in-law)

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