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Los Adobes


Mazunte is a small layed-back town on the Pacific coast. The water is blue-green and clear as can be. One can easily forget what year it is by the amount of hippies floating around. A typical night in mazunte consists of sitting under an umbrella, toes in the sand drinking Corona and eating an unbelievably delicious Pescado Empapelado (fish in a bag,) grilled to perfection by one of the sturdy El Pescador family girls! We Stayed at a place called El Posado Arcitecto, designed and run by an Italian guy. Our room with a view was built into the cliff directly in the center of the two beautful beaches. The room had some unique features including a swinging bed, proving to be more interesting than comfortable! We played a nightly game of vollyball against some very impressive five foot tall mexican girls…they beat us everytime! After spending a couple lazy days in Mazunte, we headed an hour north to the hot-spot Puerto Escondido.


Once a small fishing village whose economy was enhanced greatly by selling turtle meat and shells Puerto is a now a popular tourist destination for surfers and beach goers alike (and a safe haven for turtles). The Puerto Escondido area consists of five beaches. Playa Zicatela, where we stayed, is famous for the Mexpipe, a world renowned wave. Only the most experienced surfers or experienced idiots dare to risk their lives for an incredible ride. Surfing has quickly become my favorite spectators sport.

From a Distance

Just as our trip was nearing an end and we were still not completely sure of our next move, an opportunity presented itself to us here in Puerto. A small hotel called Los Adobes was recently put on the market. A middle aged couple bought the land and built this quaint hotel with a swimming pool and garden 10 years ago. They made improvements little by little and maintained it beautifully. Unfortunately, the couple has been plagued with health problems over the years and the wife has recently passed away leaving the hotel in the care of her children.

The Street

By happenstance we arrived to see the hotel just before the children came down to sort out loose ends and prepare it to be sold. We had a chance to stay at the hotel for a week, meet with the children, who are both in their 30’s, several times and also with the real estate agents(two Americans that have been living and working in Mexico for 20 years).

Small hotel

This small hotel is what we have been searching for. It has an excellent location just a short walk from the beach, restaurants, bars, internet and shopping. It is beautifully designed with adobe walls and a palapa (palm) roof. With a few touches and a lot of energy we know we can have Los Adobes overflowing year round.

We are moving ahead with the support of the family, the real estate agents and the hotel staff (Estella, who has worked there for 9 years) to raise the money and take the necessary steps to be the new owners.

Image Caption

From here we’re stopping in a mountain town called San Jose on the way to Oaxaca where we will reunite with Abigail, Angie’s dear friend from home. After a few days there we are going to Mexico City as our last stop before two back-to-back family reunions in Colorado. We’ll be fine tuning our business plan along the way and keeping in close contact with the family and real estate agents. Keep your fingers crossed for us and before you know it you may be relaxing by our pool in Puerto Escondido!!!!


4 Responses to “Los Adobes”

  1. Eneida says:

    Boss, the hotel looks very cute(imagine me telling you this with the accent and the a big smile on my face)
    Congratulations,I am sure I will be one of your guests.
    Your journey has been very interesting and it has been great to read your posts and better,to see the pictures and your faces.I bet your mom will say you lost some weight during this long trip,but still they always say that.
    Hope to hear from you again.

  2. Emerson says:

    Saludos y Felicitaciones!
    Im there.

  3. papa sime says:

    nice spot!

    I am psyched this opened up for you just like that…on some celestine prophecy.

    guys, i hope you instill me with the responsibility of crafting your website, and i hope to be relaxing with you all in the near future!’

    keep in touch

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