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Little Corn

The panga ride to Little Corn was smooth sailing over pristine blue-green water. We couldn’t believe the tiny spot of paradise as we jumped off the boat onto the white sand. No cars, motorbikes, engines, only sounds of water lapping onto the shore and chattering voices of the Caribbean. We followed Jefferson, the Alaskan fisherman/hunter who spends a couple months of the year as a fishing guide on Little Corn, down the sandy path through palms and jungle to the other side of the island. A twenty minute walk later we found ourselves at Carlito’s, Sunrise Paradise. We immediately fell in love. Our green palm-roofed bungalow looked directly onto the turquoise sea, and the constant breeze made for delightful weather.

The staff at Carlito’s became quick friends. Brenda, with her adorably naughty one-and-a-half-year-old, Julisa. Tamara, the darling, silly Little Corn teen.

Erwin the maintenance boy who wore a constant smile. Pablito, the wonderful flamboyant chef who loved having heart-to-hearts with me and Brendan, his new confidants and Carlito, the man himself, the king of Little Corn!

The Group became like family and a month later we were still spending our days relaxing in hammocks, snorkeling, swimming, playing dominoes, being true beach bums. Carlito’s bungalow operation was beginning to look like a commune. Our one neighbor, Leo, had been there for a year-and-a-half selling handmade jewelery from coconuts. Gregor, a real Scott, who honestly missed Haggis, stayed at least six weeks. And then there was the Swedish invasion.

The island was hopping with an astounding number of Swedes, a country that must be full of kind, fun loving, easy going people. Sophie, Ana, Ana and Jonas were friends from the start. They too were struggling to move on. In fact Ana and Jonas got all the way to the airport at Big Corn, sent luggage through security (which wasn’t much) and right before the plane took on passengers realized they couldn’t possibly leave! They rushed to the front counter to retrieve their luggage explaining to the clerk that they had forgotten something very important on Little Corn and surprised us all with their completely irrational return.

The inexorable peace and beauty, friendly locals and dear friends this incredible island supported made it nearly impossible to leave. We’re not sure we’ll ever find another place quite like it.

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