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San Juan Del Sur

So far Nicaragua has been good to us. The food is tasty and cheap. It´s about $2.50 each for dinner and a beer. Lodging seems to run about $10 for a room. This is our trip up until now….

After a shockingly warm night in Managua we headed straight for the beach. We stayed a couple nights in San Juan del Sur, a sleepy little fishing village turned surfer getaway and then a couple nights in a little hostel right next to the main surfing beach, Maderas. We took a day of surfing lessons and can both see why people fall in love with the sport. This seems to be a great place for beginners and the more advanced.

The surfers come to Maderas in truckloads everday from San Juan del Sur. Neither of us have ever been to a place that needs another guest house more, but, having said that, we are not jumping to open one up here. We can´t figure out why there isn´t more business on this string of beaches, all beautiful and all fairly private. For now we´re going to sleep on it and go check out Ometepe, an island made up of two volcanos in Lago de Nicaragua.

4 Responses to “San Juan Del Sur”

  1. irresponsibly-gay Abby says:

    Well Ang, it’s finally happened. After years of extensive travel experience, you have finally turned into one of the infamous Lonely Planet authors that have given us hours of endless entertainment. I mean, “sleepy fishing village turned surfer getaway,” that’s really beautiful. Hahaha…just kidding!! Love the blog…keep my posted so I can keep on planning my trip during endless lectures on IBS. Who knew, but IBS is really boring. Good luck finding the perfect spot!! And keep up the reflective writing, I really enjoy it! Love Abs.

  2. ivy why says:

    I would love to be your first guest, so I guess i’ll have to start saving my pennies now.

    p.s. please tell abs that IBS isn’t boring, it’s TERRIFYING!

  3. Moulton says:

    Just the right spot to get married and have children. Peace homie. Another $600,500 coming out of group sales in the drain, dealing with “The Boy”

  4. Regina says:

    oh man, i’m so jealous. i wish i could talk with you more to know exactly what you’re doing, etc. i mean, i know you’re traveling a lot…but for a job? or just cause you wanna? so many questions

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